400px-Sector V Treehouse

Sector V Tree House

The main place for Sector V, the Treehouse is located in a giant tree that grows from in the center of Numbuh 1's house. The operatives live, sleep, eat and protect themselves from adult attacks in it. First seen in Operation: N.O.-P.O.W.U.H., the treehouse is normally attacked by villains day and night. It was later a villain run by the KND Computer in Operation: G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D..

Rooms Edit

Rooms of Operation

The Operations Room

Is the main room, where operatives receive mission specs and other news from the leader operative, explaining from the podium.

Operative Rooms

Numbuh 1's Room

More of a storage room than a bedroom, Numbuh 1 sleeps on a bed in the midst of boxes full of KND junk. This room was first seen in Operation: T.H.E.-F.L.Y. by the Robotic Fly sent by the DCFDTL (Delightful Children From Down The Lane).

Numbuh 2's Room

A hangar and he sleeps in a cockpit of a plane integrated into the wall.

Numbuh 3's Room

Filled with Rainbow Monkeys and other plushies that have her codename painted on. Numbuh 3 herself uses a gigantic plush as a bed.

Numbuh 4's Room

A big boxing ring with robots and weapons.

Numbuh 5's Room

Chic and stylish, her room has a bathroom incorporated.

Misk Edit

Power Source

A room containing thousands among thousands of Hamsters powering the treehouse and the defense systems. It used to be powered by guinea pigs.

C.L.A.M.M.A.H. platform

It's the platform used by Numbuh 4 to build the Clam Cannon, a platform atop the ship coming out. It can be used for vigilance.

Rivera Federation War Edit

The tree House was one of the major Head Quarters for Cartoon Network during the War with the Rivera Federation, It was the one who supplied the most weapons than any other cartoon Network Base. Young Rivera was the leader of the weapons system as the Rivera Federation was engaged in the city of Townsville in 2150, Young and the rest of Sector V supplied as much weapons and ammunition to the front to aid the Townsville defenders as best as they could. some of their transports kept getting shot out of the sky by UCAV's and it was getting even more difficult to supply Townville's defenses.