Rivera Was the missing 5th Turtle of the Whole Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Gang, who finally returned to the family in 2007.

TMNT Rivera (November 13th 1910-2178) is the fifth brother of the turtles who has been away for many years until the year 2007 when at last he returns after taking care of his business in Europe. He has both the personalities of his big brother Leonardo and his little brother Michelangelo. He is the second swords turtle of the team who as well carries 2 Katana's with the help of training from both Master Splinter and Leonardo, Rivera learned how to attack with great speed and aggression.

Life among his brothers Edit

TMNT 2 Splinters Punishment by meowjar

Rivera Far Right from the Original Group Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

TMNT 2 Rivera by meowjar

TMNT Rivera was the Was the Only Turtle throughout all of his brothers not to where a color related head band, for he Wore a dark Tan head band.

Rivera is known as the Co Engineer of the team. He assist Donatello in the construction of new equipment and weaponry for future use. However Raphael who seems to be Jealous of Rivera gathering all the attention bully's him behind Leonardo's back Including while he was away during his training of becoming a better leader. However Rafael's Bullying has finally came to an end after he rips Rivera's human disguise during a fight in a back alley in which he was using to hide his True self from the others. After seeing the truth that Rivera is one of them Raphael just stares and runs away. Leonardo than arrives and helps Rivera back to the Sewer Lair.

3 Stooge Years Edit

Attacks and Defense Edit


Rivera vs Raphael At Union Square.

Although his attacks are fantastic Rivera has difficulty dodging some objects including giant monsters.

Joining The Rivera Federation Edit


TMNT Rivera Joins forces with the Rivera Federation Turning him against his own family.

Sacrifice Destruction of the Rivera Federation Core Fleet Edit

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