Sugared is a discounted illness, like drugs of any sort such as drinking or crack only instead it has to do with Sugar. Sugared is a drug that Young Harrison Rivera receives from having any signs of Soda, Candy or Ice cream. The illness makes the victim do a lot of embarrassing things such as rapping and acting like a complete stooge, and can sometimes get a victim discarded from the family. Sugared dose not last very long, and it can sometimes be too late by the time it's over. Due to Sugared Sawyer did not want to be Young's pet anymore after an embarrassing Incident that took place during her rehearsal with Romeo and Juliet. The only cure for Sugared would be vegetable pie, a kiss or lick on the cheek by any lover. Young preys hard that one of these days he might be free from this Sugar crises before something really drastic happens.

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