FF Invader R F P B Close Up by meowjar

The R.F.P.B Rivera Federation Proton Blaster.

R.F.P.B: Rivera Federation Proton Blaster used to be a Ghost Catching Weapon used by Jerry Rivera's Hunter form, but was later turned into a weapon of mass destruction. The R.F.P.B was able to fire through walls and able to cut hard surfaces such as steel in half. The R.F.P.B was mostly used during the Ghostbuster Rivera and his clones during R.F Invasion of Townsville in 20XZ, where they would flush out their targets and blast them in half. The R.F.P.B may have an unlimited resource of proton energy but the Proton blaster has a tendency of over heating and can sometimes burn the victims back such as Earth soldiers or Militia who have operated the weapon off of dead Hunters. The R.F.P.B was upgraded with handles in order for the Hunters to fire them more accurate instead of holding the wond itself

Numbers Built: 110,000,000,000,000,000.

Status: In Service Since The R.F Invasion Of Townsville.