Eric Long uses a R.849 to shoot down a Phantom In Rivera Federation Controlled Chicago.

The Second Rocket Launcher developed by Beltlogger 12 during BC, it was the Third Riverian weapon that arrived In Europodia 3 Days After the Gorger 98. During the time of Late BC the R.849 was the most powerful RPG in the history of Planet Rivera, it was able to pierce Rouge Tanks no matter how armored they are and it also had a great range for the Rocket to hit any Airborne Targets such as drop ships and Helicopters. The only flaw with the R.849 is that the Rocket dose not go in a horizontal pattern, and could sometimes miss their targets due to wind or bad aim. The smoke from the launcher it self can also be blinding that it might take some time before it can clear in order to fire again.

Numbers Built: 566,978,233,999,000.

Status: In Use Since 98 BC.