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Ace During his 2 Years before The Rivera Federation Invades Acmetropolis. Ace Was the Leader of the Resistance Against Princess Lexi's Federation Moon Walkers.

Ace Bunny (voiced by Billy West) is the decedent of Bugs Bunny, and possibly Lola Bunny, and is the leader of the Loonatics in Loonatics Unleashed.


Like his ancestor, Ace possess a Brooklyn accent and wears the yellow uniform.

Prior to gaining his powers in 2772, Ace worked at a martial arts stunt double. He often had tons of ideas for fight scenes but the director never let him experiment with the scenes.

As a HeroEdit

Ace is the adroit and quick-witted, action-driven leader who galvanizes his crew for each mission. His powers include Optical Enhancement and Laser-lock vision. His main weapon of choice is a collapsible sword, later revealed to be a powerful weapon once held by the Guardian of Freleng called the Guardian Strike Sword given to him by Zadavia.

Relationship with Lexi BunnyEdit

Many fans speculate that Ace and Lexi are in love. This is not confirmed in the series since they may be distant cousins, though this is not confirmed either. However, when Lexi surrendered herself to Melvin the Martian to save Acmetropolis, Ace showed great distress and immediately went to rescue her.

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Ace's name was originally going to be Buzz Bunny. Tech seems to be his right hand man since he always refers to Ace as "chief".

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