R F ARK 78 and Russian AK 47 by meowjar

Military Personal and Militia used both the ARK 78 and The Russian AK 47 during the War with the Rivera Federation.

Rivera Federation ARK 78 by meowjar

Rivera Federation Assault Rifle

ARK 78: Assault Riverian Kannon, is one of the most newest Assault rifles ever created from Beltlogger 12 during the 1000's. The ARK z8 was used during the War Of 1211 when the Rivera Rouge forces launched an Invasion of the Earth continent of Gunghollow, It was considered a Prototype during the 12 Century and was not yet ready for war due to technical Difficulties. The ARK 78 was introduced to Planet Earth during the Vietnam War in the 1950's, during Jerry Rivera's Invasion of South Vietnam then later moved to Europodia as the main Assault fire Arm of The Euro Federation Defense force. The ARK 78 was suppose to arrive early in Europodia during the early 1950's but due to a Russian spy the Russians have made an exact copy of the ARK 78 known as the AK 47 and claimed to the people of Earth that they are the ones responsible for the creation of the ARK 78, the only difference between the 2 is that the ARK 78 shoots Dark purple lasers and the AK 47 shoots bullets and later Orange Lasers in the future during the time when the Rivera Federation Invaded Russia.

Numbers Built: 588,000,877,999,000,

Status: Still In Use